Who is the Nest for?

The Nest caters mainly to three types of customers: freelancers, remote workers, and small-scale entrepreneurs. In other words, we’re here for anyone who has big ideas and needs somewhere to pursue them.

How can I connect with the Nest? 

Visit our Contact page in the top right corner of our site. For more immediate inquiries, you can call (309) 495-5910 or email our intern Allison at startupintern@greaterpeoriaedc.org.

How do I purchase a Day Pass?

Go to our members page and sign up to become a Community Member. This is a free form of membership with which you can update your membership at any point. From there, you may purchase a Day Pass.

Can I bring my lunch to work at the Nest?

Of course you can! Here at the Nest we want you to feel as comfortable and at-home as possible. We offer a water cooler, a pour-over coffee station, tea, and a microwave and fridge to prepare your own food. As long as you are not disruptive to other Nesters and you clean up after yourself, feel free to use these amenities.

Can I play music in the Nest?

We have a stereo system with Bluetooth compatibility. If you wish to play music during your time at the Nest, we like to stick to instrumental, classical, low-fi, or other genres without lyrics so all of our Nesters can enjoy optimum focus. Many of our Nesters also bring their own headphones so they can listen to whatever they choose.

What else does the Nest have to offer?

The Nest has free WiFi, free printing, plenty of outlets for charging, white boards for brainstorming, plenty of writing utensils and Post-It notes, lockers available for rent to keep your belongings here when you are not, a TV cart in our primary conference room, plenty of seating options, two private bathrooms, and more. Check out our About page to see a full list of our perks!